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Loaded Kanthaka Longboard
Price From £132.30
Loaded Chubby Unicorn Longboard
Price From £216.30
Loaded Bhangra Longboard
Price From £181.25
Loaded Tan Tien Longboard
Price From £145.25
Loaded Dervish Sama Longboard
Price From £139.25
Loaded FatTail Longboard
Price From £135.25
Loaded Ceviche Longboard
Price From £131.25
Loaded Vanguard Longboard
Price From £134.25
Loaded Pintail Longboard
Price From £121.25


Check Out the Hottest Range Of Street Sports Products:


Skates R Us Street Sports Equipment shop supplies the hottest extreme street sports equipment and accessories from leading brand manufacturers such as Loaded, Landyachtz, JD Bug, Micro, Powerisers, Riedell, Roller Derby and lots more.  Shopping with Skates R Us can provided you with your next adrenaline rush at unbelievable prices and at speed of light delivery times.  Whether for hanging out with friends or for the toughest of professional competitions, our street & extreme sports gear not only look the business - they are the business.


Here are some of the Hot products from Skates R Us:

Roller Skates:

Is Roller skating an extreme sport? You bet your sweet life it is, with the latest designs to propel you down slopes at lightning fast speeds while at the same time providing the latest safety features to keep you upright as long as possible. Roller skating is a sport that brings fun as well as maximum fitness. This mode of transport is as eco-friendly that you can get. No danger of any laws being passed that say you have to stop roller skating. Skates R Us offers a unique range of Quad Skates, Inline Skates, Kids Skates, Adjustable skates, all in some fabulous designs from leading brand manufacturers such as Riedell, Roller Derby & Xcess. To keep you on your skates we also offer a range of roller skates spares and accessories, like Skate Wheels, Skate Toe Stops, Skate Toe Guards, Skate Bags and much more.  Whether its men’s roller skates, women’s roller skates or kids roller skates you’re looking for, Skates R Us STREET Sports Equipment shop brings you the model and brand that are perfect for you.



Skateboarding has truly come of age. It may have started out as a fun thing to do down your local street, but today’s Skateboards now offer serious sports capabilities for skateboard parks, outdoor pursuits and professional competition.  Skates R Us offer the full range of skateboards from your basic fun boards to high end specification, best of brand manufacturers longboards & mountain boards. To keep your skateboard in tip top condition, we also supply a full range of accessories such as Skateboard Decks, Skateboard Trucks, Skateboard Wheels, Skateboard Bearings, Skateboard Bushings & Risers, for maintaining most brand name skateboards. We also offer the service of building your chosen skateboard to your preferred set up, providing our customers with the optimum choice for setting up their skateboard to suit their riding style.

Ice Skates:

Ice skating is now enjoying increasing popularity in many ice sports such as ice hockey, figure skating and ice dancing. Adults as well as children are taking up their ice skates, actively participating in these ice sports all year round, developing their skills to higher and higher levels and enjoying the exhilarating thrills from ice skating sports. Skates R Us Street Sports shop offers our customers the best of brand manufacturers ice skates and figure skates such as Riedell, Lake Placid and Xcess. We also offer a range of ice skate accessories such as skate bags, blade guards & protection pads.

Push Scooters:

Push scooters have experienced a major revival over the last few years. The specifications on some of the push scooters we have on offer are now suitable for commuting & stunt scootering. Achieving higher and higher levels of performance for kids and the young at heart that are looking for the thrills from an extreme sport. These scooters are now capable of stunts and skate park use in their own right. They are suitable for kids and adults alike and of all ages, but don’t be fooled, these are not just kids toys – they are sports machines. These push scooters are also known as kick scooters or razor scooters. At Skates R Us street sports we offer two leading brand manufacturers of Push scooters and Stunt Scooters, JD Bug Scooters & Micro Scooters. To keep your push scooters on the road or track we offer a full range of spares & accessories from wheels to replacement decks.

Protection Pads & Helmets:

Personal safety should be a major priority when participating in any street or extreme sports. To keep our customers safe and protected when using our products, reduce the risk of personnel injury to a minimum, Skates R Us Street Sports Equipment shop stocks and offers for sale a range of protection products from leading brand manufacturers Triple 8 & Target. Providing such safety products like Multi Impact Helmets, Protection Knee & Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards, Protective Padded Roller Derby shorts. Providing protection for your head, knees & vital assets when participating in all kinds of street or extreme sports such as roller skating, ice skating, roller blading, all types of skateboarding, bocking and much more action sports.


Jumping stilts have been around for a few years now, predicted as being the next extreme action sport to sweep the nation this decade. Poweriser was the first Korean company to launch this innovative design and have hung on to the lead as far as quality and safety are concerned.  Make no mistake; Powerisers Jumping Stilts require superb fitness and balance to operate to maximum effect. They are available for kids as well as adults. At Skates R Us, you’ll find a full range of Powerisers to suit a varied selection of user’s weight and physical size. We only sell original manufacturer products and not the cheap Asian imports that you can find on the market. As you will appreciate, this sport does incur usage of component parts of the stilts. To ensure you remain bocking, we offer a full range of spares and accessories for the full range of Powerisers Jumping Stilts.


Skates R Us Sports Equipment shop sells the very best quality street & extreme sports products. Products that you will not readily find in your local high street shops or to purchase at the budget you have in mind. Buying from the United States is an expensive delivery option and takes a long time. Our online shop is the answer to your search as we provide all our items at amazing prices that is delivered to your door a lot quicker, providing you with the very best of customer service.